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Safe and Secure Document Shredding

How can myShred help you?

Leaders in confidential data destruction

MyShred are one of the Uk's leaders in confidential data destruction. We are dedicated to providing businesses & individuals with a high-quality service helping you to manage their waste disposal needs, ensuring that the Data Protection Act is adhered to at all times.

We cover every county throughout England & Wales and generally have a 48 hour turnaround time from the time of the initial booking. All waste is shredded in one of our own high security depots.

Avoid the hassle of using a home shredder by using MyShred’s secure shredding service. It’s tailored to individuals, instead of businesses, and means you can get a few sacks or boxes full of confidential waste quickly and easily destroyed, while also avoiding big corporate rates.

Why is Myshred’s service easier than other companies? You don’t need to waste time removing staples, paperclips, or ring binders. You also don’t need to wait around for us to send you expensive ‘special’ sacks.

Security is our number one priority
We are happy for you to use whatever you have to hand, i.e. black refuse sacks or cardboard boxes. This doesn’t compromise security as once we take them from you they aren’t seen again as they are put straight into the shredder.

Security is our number one priority. Identity Theft has risen by 57% and it doesn’t look like it’s going down any time soon. Simply throwing away paperwork or leaving it for recycling puts you and your family at serious risk of fraud.

Using our paper shredding services also means that you are doing your bit for the environment as everything we collect from you is recycled into toilet rolls and tissue paper. There are risks to using recycling bins as these are dumped into larger open recycling containers, which are often left outside for collection.

This leaves confidential information vulnerable to information thieves.

Did you know we never out source our waste paper either? Everything we shred is then recycling in the UK.

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