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Why securely shred your documents?

Safe, Secure, Trusted

The Answer, quite simply because of confidentially. The data protection act is to protect individuals against misuse or abuse information about them.

Failure to comply with this leaves you with a potential fine of up to £500,000 from the information commissioners office.

All documents with confidential information such as names, address, telephone numbers, security numbers should be immediately shredded once they have fulfilled their purpose.

Not only can you rest assured that your documents will be securely shredded, you will also be contributing to saving the environment. None of your paper is land filled 100% is recycled.

Did you know the recycling just one ton of paper can save up to 17 trees?

Imagine how many trees we could save if we all shredded our paper?

You are also doing your bit for the environment as all of our shredded waste is sent to paper mills for recycling.

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